Domino Pro Listening system | with Earbuds and Neck Loop

  • Wireless listening system, digital FM system, with omnidirectional and directional microphones, for users with hearing aids, equipped T-coil function

  • The Domino Pro Listening System from Bellman & Symfon is the ultimate system to help people hear better in different listening situations. Domino Pro uses digital state-of-the-art signal processing technology. As a result, the system delivers music and speech with incredible detail, even in challenging listening conditions. The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver and both units have built-in omnidirectional and directional microphones which can further reduce the background noise. Whether you are attending a business meeting, at school, or dining out with friends, the transmitter can pick up the speech and send it to the receiver wirelessly via an encrypted link. Then you can hear the crystal-clear sound from Earbuds, or further, boost your hearing aids through a Neck loop if your hearing aids have T-coil function. The Domino system is beneficial for people who need hearing assistance on different occasions, for instance, listening to speech over a distance. Domino Pro can also work as a TV listening system by connecting it or placing the transmitter next to the TV. The Domino Pro Listening System with Earbuds and Neck Loop offers you a great way to interact with people in almost every thinkable hearing situation.


    In the Box

    icon Transmitter unit

    icon Receiver unit

    icon Earbuds

    icon Neck Loop

    icon Cable Kit 

    icon Lanyard 

    icon Charger

    icon Hard Travel Case