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Dry Box



  • Effective drying through a dry, warm air stream
  • Drying temperature is around 45°C
  • 4-hour drying program starts by touch sensor snap
  • Automatic shutdown after 4-hour drying cycle
  • Automatic interruption to prevent overheating
  • UV-C light is turned off the moment the dryer is opened.
  • UV-C light illuminates 2 x 5 minutes during a cleaning cycle
  • The device has low energy consumption


  • b-dry UV-C Box
  • Adapter 5Vdc
  • USB charging cable
  • Hardcover protective pouch with zipper

Drying box dimensions:
100x85x40mm (lxbxh)

Case dimensions:
180x110x45mm (lxbxh)

Power input: between 100 and 240 Vac