Jodi-XL with Air Pressure

  • Easy-to-use electronic vacuum, air blower, and desiccator unit designed to remove cerumen and debris as well as pull moisture from hearing instruments
  • Vacuum designed to pull wax and debris from sound bores
  • Pressure designed to blow air to clean out vents (NOTE: do not use pressure to blow air into microphone or receiver ports)
  • Desiccator with heated plate designed to pull moisture from hearing instrument with automatic shut-off
  • Small, powerful unit ideal for office yet also portable for off-site patient care (satellite clinics, retirement homes, health fairs)
  • Simple operation with ON switch for pressure and ON switch for vacuum (NOTE: unit is not designed to enable pressure and vacuum functions simultaneously)
  • 22.5 in. Hg of pulling power sufficient to effectively clean hearing instrument ports
  • Small desktop transformer measures approximately 9"L x 6"D x 2.5"H
  • Attached tubing is coiled and may be extended to approximately 2 foot reach
  • Three (3) year warranty for transformer; needles and filters not covered by warranty