Maxi Classic Personal Amplifier | with Headphones

  • Digital personal sound amplifier, with stereo headphones which are comfortable to wear


    Maxi Classic Personal Amplifier is our most robust and user-friendly personal amplifier. It utilizes the latest digital technology to filter and reduce background noise and bring out the words loud and clear, which is a great sound amplifier to help people hear better. Maxi Classic features large buttons, soft grip materials, high contrast indicators, and one button - one function features that make it very easy to use even for those with low vision or limited dexterity. With its built-in Telecoil, Maxi Classic also works with loop systems in many theaters, concert halls, and churches etc. The stereo Headphones included in this package feature semi-closed drivers that deliver clear sound that are comfortable to wear even for a long time. You will get a great listening experience at a very affordable price.

    In the Box

    In the Box

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