Maxi Pro TV Listening System | Incl. Neckloop

  • 3-in-1 Bluetooth listening system, digital, amplification for conversations, cell phone and TV, with neck loop for users who have hearing aids equipped with T-coil function also cable connection for the TV

  • The Maxi Pro Bluetooth Listening System from Bellman & Symfon consists of an amplifier and a TV streamer. It is our most versatile listening system. As a conversation amplifier, it can enhance the speech during the conversation. As a cell phone amplifier, you can hear the ring tone, answer or reject the incoming call, hear the amplified caller’s voice and talk back directly without reaching your cell phone. As a TV listening system, the TV streamer can connect with your TV via a multi-connection option and transmit the TV audio to the amplifier wirelessly, and you can enjoy a favorite TV show at your preferred volume without disturbing your family. The Neck Loop included in this package is for hearing aid users who want to further boost the performance of hearing aids. Just put the Neck Loop around your neck and connect it with Maxi Classic, then put the hearing aids to “T” position and you will hear the further enhanced sound on your hearing aids. The Maxi Pro Listening System gives you all you need to enjoy your life with better hearing.


    In the Box

    icon Maxi Pro Amplifier

    icon TV Streamer

    icon Neckloop

    icon Optical Cable 

    icon Audio Cable with RCA Extension 

    icon Belt Clip

    icon Lanyard 

    icon Charger

    icon USB Charging Cable

    icon Cable Holder

    icon User Manual