Mino Personal Amplifier | with Headphones and Microset

  • Digital personal sound amplifier, rechargeable, with stereo headphones which are comfortable to wear

  • The Mino Personal Amplifier is our most discreet and flexible personal sound amplication device. Mino utilizes the latest digital sound processing technology and features both an omnidirectional and a directional microphone which can further reduce the background noise from the back and the sides and bring out the words loud and clear. It is slim and lightweight, with the specially designed Microset accessory and you can put Mino into your pocket but still hear the conversation which is great also for outdoors. With its built-in Telecoil, Mino also works with loop systems in many theaters, concert halls, and churches, etc. Mino is easy to use and has no complicated menus. The stereo Headphones included in this package feature semi-closed drivers that deliver clear sound that are comfortable to wear even for a long time. Discover the joy of better hearing with our Mino Personal Amplifier.

    In the Box

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    icon Headphones

    icon Microset

    icon Charger

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